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Are you a professional software developer wanting to move to a higher level of competence? This course is part of the JCSE’s new set of Wits University accredited short courses that helps software professionals enhance their technical skills set. The course covers many essential “tricks of the trade”. 

Feedback from the software industry has shown that graduates require significant upskilling on professional software development techniques before they are able to contribute meaningfully. Most tertiary curricula develop a basic aptitude in programming languages but do not cover additional technical practices required by a professional developer.

This course aims to fill this gap, thus equipping graduates and others who have learnt about software development in the class room, with software development skills needed in a professional development environment.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

The target audience is those who have completed a qualification in software development. This would include computer science, software engineering and information system graduates. Alternatively the candidate may have completed a professional programming certification examination e.g. a Microsoft or Oracle course. The candidate must be able to demonstrate some proficiency in software development.


I'm Aveer Ramnath - your lecturer for this course

I’m an experienced software developer with over xx years of experience. I’m a graduate from the Faculty of Engineering, Wits University.

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