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Acquire the skills to lead .. digital transformation.

The JCSE offers a range of short courses that aim to support individuals wishing to acquire digital skills. If you are a professional working in the digital economy, or if you aim to become such a professional, the JCSE – and its partners – have courses to support your learning journey.

The JCSE aims to Lead Digital Transformation in South Africa and Africa. We can assist you in developing skills that will position you to play a role in this mission.

We offer Foundational Courses, aimed at those who are getting started on their professional journey, and two “tracks” for working professionals. These are a Management Track and a Technical Track. There are also courses common to both tracks.

You can register for courses individually, or you can decide to follow a coherent sequence of courses that make up our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme.

All of our courses are either accredited by Wits University or by internationally recognised organisations.

Foundational Courses

Courses Common to Both Tracks

Management Track

Technical Track

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Individual Courses: Details, Dates, Application


So ...... What is Cloud computing?

This short introductory course introduces the concepts of cloud computing to anyone curious to know what this new computing platform is all about. This will be useful to anyone from those simply wanting to learn more about digital technology to those in senior management.

Learn more about cloud computing and its key concepts

Runs every week. Consists of 3 sessions from 14:00 to 16:30 Tuesday to Thursday.
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Introduction to coding in the cloud

Cloud computing is becoming the most widespread platform for modern software applications. This course introduces those who are new to coding to some of the skills needed to develop cloud applications.

Become a developer of cloud-based applications

Run online only over a 3-month period
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Professional Software Development - technical practices 1

Aimed at professional software developers wanting to move to a higher level of competence, this course is a Wits University accredited short courses that helps software professionals enhance their technical skills set. The course covers many essential “tricks of the trade"

Raise your level of competence and enhance your career prospects

This is a certified Wits Short Course.

Taught online over 8 weeks. 2-hour interactive session + 1 hour tutorial per week
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Software Engineering Principles and Methods

Leading organisations apply modern approaches to delivering software more quickly, with higher quality and at competitive costs. These outcomes rely on the adoption of appropriate software engineering principles and methods.

Learn about key development concepts from plan-driven to agile

This course is certified as an official Wits University short course.

Both online and face-to-face versions of this course. Six 4-hour sessions + assignment+ exam
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Course 2

The Digital Transformation Lifecycle

All organisations - from the very large to the very small - are feeling increasing pressure to "go digital". The course covers a general digital transformation journey and provides practical guidance at each stage.

How should business leaders and owners tackle digital transformation

This is a new course. It is currently being reviewed pending its certification as a Wits Short Course.

Both online and face-to-face versions of this course. Six 2-hour sessions + tutorials + group project + exam
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Course M-1

Software project management

Medium and large software development projects are complicated. They require planning, resource allocation, monitoring and tracking. Both plan-driven and agile approaches are covered in this course.

The course covers techniques for ensuring that projects deliver vaue

This is an officially certified Wits University Short Course.

Both online and face-to-face versions offered. 6 sessions.
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Course M-2

Foundations of Capability

The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) was developed at Carnegie Mellon University in the USA as a tool for assisting organisations in working to develop solutions on time, within budget and of high quality. This course introduces CMMI v 2.0 which supports Agile and DevOps methodologies.

An Official Introduction to CMMI v 2.0

JCSE offers this internationally certificated course in partnership with the CMMI Institute in the USA.

2 days. Online.
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Course M-3

Wits Certificate in CIO Practice - Level 2

This Interdisciplinary Professional Practices course deals with Disruptive Technologies and Digital Operations. It covers the disruptive forces of technology, enterprise resource planning systems, advancing digital benefits realisation, digital operations, and digital strategy and leadership.

Online introduction to CIO Practice

This online course is the second of 3 modules. It is an official Wits Certificated course taught in partnership with the LINK Centre. Presented over 3 months with two 1 week-long sessions.
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Course T-1

Software Testing

Where 'software testing' is not properly distinguished from 'debugging', the resulting software is of low reliability and low trustworthiness. Proper software-testing, by contrast, is based on sound formal-logical theory, the introduction into which is the topic of this advanced-level course.

Covers both the theory and practice of software testing

Taught online over 6 weeks. Weekly learning assignment on video + 2-hour interactive session per week
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Course T-2

Database systems

Large information models are an important component in many modern digital applications. The course covers the principles underlying information modelling and database design and implementation. Topics covered include aspects of Big Data, including associated means of data storage and management, like Hadoop and NoSQL databases.

A broad introduction to the theory and practice of modern data systems

This is an officially certified Wits University Short Course.

Both online and face-to-face versions offered. 6 sessions.
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Course T-3

Certificate in Cyber-security Professional Practice and Leadership

The growth of the information society is accompanied by new and serious threats. Essential services such as water and electricity supply now rely on ICTs, as do most businesses and organisations. This course introduces key aspects of cybersecurity which has now been firmly established both within academia and as a practice in industry and government.

Taught by top experts in cybersecurity in partnership with Wits LINK Centre

Taught both online and face-to-face.

Wits University short course.
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I Am Prof Barry

I’m the overall coordinator of the JCSE’s Education and Training Programme. I have assembled a selection of up-to-date courses presented by experienced lecturers all of whom have had extensive practical experience in driving digital transformation in a South African context.

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All courses are either face-to-face or are taught via live remote sessions - or a combination of these.

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