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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme - 2022

Many people working as professionals in the digital economy do not have formal qualifications in an ICT-related discipline.  The JCSE offers a coherent series of Wits University accredited short courses that are aimed at equipping the working professional with a relevant body of knowledge and a coherent set of core skills. We call this the “Continuing Professional Development“, or CPD, Programme. 

The CPD Programme is structured around two tracks: 

  • The Management Track: aimed at those who intend to develop their career as team leaders, project managers and thereafter into middle and senior management roles.
  • The Technical Track: aimed at those who see their future in senior technical roles.

Dates for 2022

  • Software Engineering Principles and Methods – 4 May 2022 to 15 June 2022.
  • Software Project Management – 29 June 2022 to 10 August 2022
  • (New) Digital Transformation Lifecycle – Starts May … 6 weeks . To be taught online via Wits Digital Platform

Foundational Courses

Courses Common to Both Tracks

Management Track

Technical Track

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I Am Prof Barry

I’m the overall coordinator of the JCSE’s Education and Training Programme. I have assembled a selection of up-to-date courses presented by experienced lecturers all of whom have had extensive practical experience in driving digital transformation in a South African context.

Why JCSE Courses

Grow your knowledge and improve your career prospects


Value for money

As part of Wits University the JCSE is able to offer courses that are of the highest quality but cost far less than most commercial courses


Trusted Knowledge

All instructors are top experts in their field with theoretical and hands-on practical knowledge.

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real-time engagement

All courses are either face-to-face or are taught via live remote sessions - or a combination of these.

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