6th Webinar hosted by Nedbank, JCSE and EE Business Intelligence

Data Privacy

Who Owns My Data, and Why should i care?

18th February @ 11am - 1:30pm (SA time)

The Webinar Event

What's it About?

Being connected via the Internet brings with it numerous benefits to the individual, companies and government. It also gives rise to significant threats. This free webinar, organised by Wits University’s JCSE and EE Business Intelligence in partnership with Nedbank, focuses on the individual citizen in 21st Century South Africa. In this age of Big Data, social media and the Internet of Things (IoT) many of the personal and non-personal aspects of our day-to-day activities and transactions are stored as data by both businesses and governments. In recent months a hotly debated issue has been raised internationally and in South Africa. There has been considerable debate and a great deal of concern and confusion around the question: Who owns my data and what rights do I have in determining how it is used?

In this free webinar our existing legal framework (including the POPI Act) will be reviewed. A line up of top international and local speakers will throw light on the various dimensions around the key question: Who owns my data, and why should I care?

Keynote & panel

Professor Peter Cochrane, OBE – Keynote

Peter Cochrane is currently the Professor of Sentient Systems at The University of Suffolk and a visiting Professor to Salford, Hertfordshire and Trent Universities. He was also the Collier Chair for the Public Understanding of Science & Technology at Bristol University, and has been a visiting Academic, Advisor and Professor to a number of UK and Overseas Universities.


Peter is also known internationally as a futurists, consultant, entrepreneur, generalist, and advisor to companies and governments.

He enjoyed an extensive career in BT where he rose to Head of R&D and CTO. His 1000 strong team pioneered Optical Fibre, Speech Technologies, AI, Artificial Life, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Tele-Med, Tele-Care, Quantum Encryption, Networks, Mobility, Complex Systems, and Econometrics.

Dr Derek Keats – Panellist

Dr Derek Keats has been working in the FinTech industry for over 10 years, and has been involved in three startups in the FinTech and retail space. His current role in onoConnect involves compliance with security and data protection standards, helping to establish the business in new countries, and anything else that needs doing.

He was born in Newfoundland, Canada, and did a PhD in Biology and Memorial University of Newfoundland. He spent 10 years as a researcher before moving to Zimbabwe to teach A-level biology and computer science. Derek was a biology professor for 15 years before becoming responsible for ICT in at senior management level in two South African universities. He is also co-founder of Learn-the-Birds, and is a passionate birder and nature photographer when time allows. He lives in Johannesburg and works in Amsterdam.

Andrew Whittaker

As executive at Altron Security, a Division of Altron TMT, Andrew is commercially responsible for delivery, strategy and business development of the Identity Security and the Data Privacy Practices. Altron Security partners with customers in South Africa, Rest of Africa and the United Kingdom to provide a guide through the most challenging security problems.

Our four pillars are: Identity Security, Data Protection, Cloud Security Architecture and Managed Security Services.  In this role Andrew regularly works with CISO, Information Security, Risk Management, Architecture, Audit and Digital transformation departments of some of the largest SA organisations.

Neelesh Mooljee

Neelesh Mooljee is the Nedbank Group Privacy Information Officer and has been with Nedbank for the past four and a half years. Neelesh successfully ran the privacy program within Nedbank that established privacy as business as usual. Neelesh was also held a privacy role within Absa and has 10 years of Privacy experience within the financial services industry.

Prior to joining the banks, Neelesh was an IT auditor and an IT security consultant with PWC for 6 years where he gained experience in several industries within South Africa.

Neelesh holds a BSc Degree in Information Technology and Cyber Security diploma from University of Johannesburg. He also holds IAPP and CISM certification as well as a business management certificate from the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).

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    Thursday 18 February 2021

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    11:00 - 13:30 (SA Time)

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