Did you lose your job due to the COVID-19 pandemic OR are you finding it difficult to find employment because companies are no longer hiring because of COVID-19?

Do you have a background in software development?

JCSE and Accenture are offering you a FREE opportunity to polish up your rusty skills.

Wits University Certified Short Course (fee is usually R9000)

Message from Prof Barry Dwolatzky
- JCSE Director

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Visit our Content Hub at TheGrandGreeks.Africa . Make it your “go to place” for exclusive content on Digital Transformation and Leadership within an African and South African context. You will find podcasts, webinar recordings, opinion pieces and blogs contributed by a group of thought leaders. The group is known as “The Grand Geeks”. We also have a bi-weekly newsletter and a strong presence on social media.

Courses and Events

So ... What is Cloud Computing

A broad introduction to Cloud computing concepts

The JCSE presents

A FREE online course. Presented in 3 Sessions over a 1 week period.

How Can
the JCSE
Help you?


The JCSE is a Centre at Wits University that aims to develop processes that will support Digital Transformation and people who will Lead Africa’s Digital Future.


The JCSE's "7 C's"

Consult / Coach

Consult (verb): seek information or advice from someone,
Coach (verb): assist and guide a business owner or executive

JCSE's Consulting and Coaching Role

Strategic advice on digital transformation, skills development, innovation and entrepreneurship

Coordinate / Collaborate

Coordinate (verb): bring different elements into a relationship,
Collaborate(verb): work jointly on an activity or project

JCSE's Coordination and Collaboration Role

Work with others at Wits to create opportunities to collaborate within the University and beyond.


Convey (verb): make an idea known or understandable; communicate a message or information.

JCSE's Convey Role

Educating and training the next generation of digital leaders and experts.