Hi-Mat Programme

A Hi-Mat (High Maturity) Unit is set up to be the BEST software development unit in SA and on par with the best in the world. “Best” is defined in terms of predictability and quality – and there is DATA to prove this!

Each Hi-Mat Unit employs 25 people:9 are experienced16 are unemployed graduates

How will it be BEST in SA?
A Hi-Mat Unit will CONSISTENTLY deliver software projects:

  • Within 10% of scheduled date
    [Industry benchmark = 27%-112%]
  • Within 5% of allocated budget
    [Industry benchmark = 17% to 85%]
  • Having 0.5 defects per 1000 lines of code
    [Industry benchmark = 1 to 7 defects]

These results will be achieved by using internationally accepted best-practice “process improvement” models called CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) and TSP (Team Software Process), the adoption of which the JCSE has been piloting in SA since 2006.

A Hi-Mat Unit will be set up using the “Franchise Model”:

  • The “Brand” = superior performance
  • The “Operations Manual” = laid down processes and methods
  • “Training” = each member trained in processes, tools and technologies before first project starts
  • “Quality Assurance” = units appraised and certified by JCSE

Supporting Research Programme

  • Wits University - Prof Barry Dwolatzky (JCSE) supervising 2 x PhD Students
  • University of Cape Town - Prof Kosheek Sewchurran (GSB), Prof Ojealanki Ngwnyama, Prof Irwin Brown supervising 6 x Masters and PhD Students

Interested in becoming involved?

  • Please send e-mail to barry@jcse.org.za for more information about Hi-Mat and the Research Programme.